Founding Member

Mr. Glyn R. Gleason, founder of the Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Club, Inc. 1986



Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Club, Inc Founder Glyn R.Gleason has become known throughout Fort Wayne and across the country as the driving force behind one of the most important King celebrations in the nation.


Gleason founded the MLK Club 27 years ago to ensure that the work and sacrifices of the late civil rights icon did not pass by the wayside and to remind people that King's dream of equality for all people has not yet been fully realized in America. During the years, he has had some of the surviving giants of the movement, including Ben Chaney, brother of civil rights martyr James Chaney, grace the local King celebrations. Gleason recruited people such as George Smith, MLK Club member, who marched alongside King, mayors and other politicians to actively participate in the MLK Jr. Club.


Fort Wayne’s African/African American History Museum Curator Hana Stith stated that Glyn Gleason had organized the very best Martin Luther King celebration in the country.


Gleason's kindness and compassion  was evident in his ability to stay focus on the goals of Dr. King. Gleason worked hard to keep the MLK Club going and even expanded the group's work. Gleason was extremely dedicated to keeping Dr. King's dream alive by consistently displaying a number of traits like persistence, high energy and motivation to succeed. Gleason extended that energy to other organizations.


Gleason was committed to improving the lives of minorities in Fort Wayne and he always contributed to the Old Fort YMCA and the adopt a family program. And, he was a member of the NAACP, Urban League and Indiana Black Expo.


Glyn Gleason dream continues on with the Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Club, Inc.


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